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The Tavor X95 is a relatively new platform to the US market and while bullpups are used internationally, the system has a smaller following in this country. Our goal here at IWI Academy is to familiarize students with the principals of the system by using building block core training and advancing them to their highest potential. Because the weapon’s manual of arms, the operating system and the weight bias are different, it is important to understand the nuances of the rifle from the ground up and exploit those differences to the operator’s advantage. From understanding basic maintenance to utilizing the platform under adverse conditions, IWI Academy stresses a fighting mindset in practical defensive situations.

Our instructors are hand selected from the special operations community. They were chosen for their high quality and professionalism in training a wide variety of students. No matter which instructor you train with, our program is regimented so there is consistency across the board. From beginning to end, your experience will build on itself to raise you to your highest potential.

If you are exploring the idea of purchasing a Tavor X95, come to the course.  We will loan you one…free of charge!  If you decide you’d like to own one, students have the opportunity to purchase a weapon at a discounted price direct from the factory after the course. We’ll see you at the range!