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Expert's Corner

Flashlight Setups on the X95 and TAVOR

IWI US National Law Enforcement Sales Manager, Tom Alibrando, discusses the best flashlight setups for the TAVOR and X95 as well as the pros and cons of each setup.

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How to Use a Sling with TAVOR SAR/X95

The sling can be used as a carry strap, to free up an operator’s arms and hands, for maintaining control of the rifle while switching to a sidearm or other weapon system, and can even be used as a shooting aid. The IWI X95™ has five sling attachment points, and while it can accept a wide variety of quick detach slings, today we’ll go over how to take full advantage of the sling we most recommend, the IWI Savvy Sniper Sling.

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Is Your X95™ Red Dot Mounted Properly?

One of the great things about the TAVOR® X95™ is the ample amount of MIL-STD 1913 rail space that is available to mount various aiming accessories.

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Hidden Opportunities for Training with the Jericho®

Too many times we miss opportunities to train ourselves even during seemingly administrative tasks. Proper repetitions in any skill breeds smoothness, efficiency and eventually speed. Whenever possible, we should always create an opportunity to execute another repetition.

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Get Better Accuracy Out of the Galil ACE®

To shoot any rifle efficiently, technique is key. The more contact you have with the rifle, the more stable it is. Stability equals accuracy and recoil control.

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