Dave “DB” Benton

Dave “DB” Benton┬áhas a combined 25 years serving in specialized teams and leadership roles in the military, law enforcement, protective security, and intelligence community. He has held many positions on various teams from assaulter, sniper, breacher, tactical medic, team leader, and instructor positions from explosive entry to SWAT.

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Thomas Alibrando

Prior to IWI US, Tom served as a police officer, SWAT, LE Precision rifleman, instructor in all disciplines, and special investigations officer in the Prescott area of Arizona for 11 […]

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Ron Grobman

Tavor Operator Course, Ron Grobman, Georgetown, TX

Ron Grobman is the founder and lead instructor of Tactical Fitness Austin. At the age of 16, he became the youngest certified Krav Maga instructor in the United States. Since […]

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