Malcom Murray

Malcom is a Navy SEAL veteran. He served 10 years in the teams as a Sniper, Breacher, Communicator, and Master Training Specialist. Malcom has many tours of duty throughout South America and Afghanistan. He specializes in protective operations, surveillance, counter surveillance, pistol, rifle, shotgun, heavy weapons, foreign weapons, sniper operations, communications, navigation, and combat tactics. He has 17 years of combined instructional experience for the US Navy SEAL Sniper school, the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service and Anti Terrorism Assistance Program, and Blackwater/Academi Training Center as a firearms and tactics instructor for government and commercial clients. At Academi, Malcom was a program manager of the Executive Protection Program for commercial clients. Most recently, Malcom developed the Expeditionary Defensive Marksman Course for the US Navy Expeditionary Combat Command.